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Helping overseas students adapt


Connexcel offers a series of tuition courses that cover a variety of subjects to help overseas students adapt to education in the UK.

Our tuition services provide a bridge between the UK and Chinese curriculum. Before beginning tuition, students are asked to complete our in-house assessment which has been designed to accurately identify students’ current subject knowledge. With these results, we tailor our tuition service to each student by assigning them a tutor perfectly suited to their ability. Once we have matched our students with their tutors, we use the assessment results to identify gaps in knowledge and draw up a personalised study plan to prepare the student for their studies in their chosen school.

We are proud to have been awarded membership of the BAC, (British Accreditation Council) and are currently one of only 10 online tuition services worldwide to have achieved this standard.  Membership of the BAC is recognised internationally as a clear mark of educational excellence as it follows a rigorous and detailed inspection of processes, policies and systems and demonstrates that we provide a professional and quality tuition service.

In June 2023, we were also shortlisted in two categories at the National Tutoring Awards run by The Tutors’ Association: Tuition Business of the Year and Best Tuition Provider for Evaluating Impact.


All our subjects are taught by our team of tutors who have been hand-picked for their expertise.

All our subjects are taught by our team of tutors who have been hand-picked for their expertise. In recognition of the specialist needs of overseas students, we have developed our own unique course, Life in the UK, designed to familiarise students with British culture in preparation for when they arrive at their school.

Subjects include, but are not limited to:

English Language/ Literature and EAL Support

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning


Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

Business Studies and Economics


Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish)

Life in the UK




Religious Studies

Music and Art

Lamda/ Drama

Classical Civilisation and Latin

Connexcel are always happy to work with new tutors, if you are interested in tutoring for us then please visit our contact us page for further information.



We recognise the difference great tuition can make. That’s why, in return for the benefits tutors provide to our students, we guarantee:

  • Stable, long-term tuition arrangements
  • Secure and fast payment
  • Full support from our administrative team

Here’s what just some of our tutors have said about working with Connexcel:

”Connexcel was one of the first agencies I worked with four years ago when I started out as a full-time science tutor, and they have since been consistent at sending me a steady stream of students, many of whom are long term. Before taking on a new tutee, they provide me with enough background information about the student so that the crucial first meeting can go as well as it possibly can. The staff are all, without exception, courteous and efficient. If I have a question, they can boast a good response time.

What more is there to say? Connexcel is my ‘go-to’ agency for students because they are simply the best!’

Adrian (Science Tutor)

I have been tutoring for Connexcel for more than 5 years now, and they have been a joy to deal with in all that time.

What I like most is the care they take at all levels. I went through a thorough interview process, and the standard of my teaching is  checked every year, which is just as it should be. They also go to great trouble to team up the students with the right tutor for them, and they will make changes if the teaming isn’t perfect. In every respect, I get the feeling that the well-being of the students and tutors is the main focus of the agency.

It goes without saying that administration, paperwork and pay issues all function pretty much flawlessly and any minor glitches at either end are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Louise (English and Verbal Reasoning Tutor)

I have had the pleasure to work with Connexcel for several years and the experience has been a rewarding one throughout. From providing exciting new opportunities to deliver subjects that I am passionate about, to organising the weekly schedule and payments, the tuition team are always on hand and approachable, making the process effortless so that tutors can focus on guiding students to achieve their best potential. Connexcel fosters high expectations of their students and values the expertise of their tutors, creating a learning environment that is nurturing and dynamic, with regular communication between all those involved in the students’ education. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with Connexcel and their learning community.

Sara (History, English and Verbal Reasoning Tutor)

The team is always extremely helpful, always available to answer questions, follow up any problems, or chase up students, even at fairly anti-social times. I like the weekly lesson schedule with the overview of lessons which makes life a lot easier than trying to sort through plans for individual students for lesson times and login codes. It feels like being part of a team which is nice given the geographical distance between the office and me, the tutor.

Hanna (Science Tutor)

I have very much enjoyed working with Connexcel for the past three three years. During this time, they have provided me with regular tuition work, always furnishing me with the information required to successfully plan initial lessons with new students, and providing ongoing advice and support where this has been needed.

Communication is excellent, with my schedule being sent to me weekly, noting bookings, along with any cancellations and changes to scheduled lesson times, which the helpful administrative staff always check with me in advance. They have also been very flexible, accommodating my scheduling needs as far as possible, which can be challenging at times!

Their planning, recording and reporting expectations are straightforward and easy to follow, with a clear format and guidance provided, and Katie Harben, the Head of Study, has frequently gone above and beyond expectations to support me, providing suggestions and help for planning with specific students and for programmes of study.

Feedback from parents and school teachers is always passed on promptly, enabling me to incorporate suggestions into my planning and make changes where necessary.

Connexcel’s billing procedure is very efficient and straightforward, and I am always paid promptly, which is invaluable, as it means I do not need to waste time chasing payments.

To conclude, I would highly recommend Connexcel as a tuition agency and look forward to continuing this very successful working relationship.

Wendy (English and Exam Preparation Tutor)

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