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Open your home to a student

Host families

What is a Guardian?

A Guardian is a permanent British resident that takes responsibility for an overseas student’s education while they study within the UK.

Connexcel acts as the educational guardian for our students, helping students with any challenges they may face while living within the UK and encouraging them to get the best out of their education.


What is a Host Family?

A host family is a family that allows an overseas student to stay at their home during their studies. Because students registered with Connexcel will study full time at boarding schools, host families will only be required to provide a home to students during exeats and half terms.

What are the Benefits of Being a Host Family?

Opening your home to an overseas student can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to experience and learn about new cultures, as well as sharing your own. Becoming a host family offers the chance to form a lasting connection with a student who will appreciate the care and support you provide to them.

We pay our host families fully for their services.

What are Host Families Responsible for?

Providing a comfortable living arrangement for the student/s during their stay.

Making the student feel welcome within your home.

To care for the well-being of the student.

If you are interested in becoming our host family, then please visit our Contact Us page for information on how to speak to us directly.

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