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Allowing you to concentrate on Education

School Immigration Compliance

We know how important it is for students and educational bodies to focus on education so, if there is anything we can do to facilitate this, we are here to help.


As an authorised advisor of the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner), we are able to offer a flexible and comprehensive service with regards to the important process of applying for a visa to study in the UK. We act on behalf of students AND institutions, assuring a smooth and stress-free application procedure, giving peace of mind to both parties.

There are several important steps involved and we can help at any stage or indeed, complete the whole process on behalf of schools and students. These steps include:

For Educational Establishments

• We can manage the entire process on your behalf
• We can maintain records and data to ensure compliance
• We can provide evidence for any inspections
• We can advise schools when we feel it is appropriate to release the CAS, providing protection for establishments and minimising the risk of refusal
• We can liaise with the appropriate authorities such as the UKVI and act on your behalf in inspections
• We can offer compliance training for staff
• We offer regular updates and information on any changes of policy or regulations
• We offer a 24/7 support helpline


For the Student

• We take responsibility for completing all the necessary paperwork
• We check the validity of all the obligatory supporting documents needed for the application and can help to acquire any extra documentation required
• We can act as the representative on behalf of the student in any dealings with the Home Office
• Once a school place has been confirmed, we can assist with CAS, (Confirmation of Acceptance for studies)
• We offer a full record-keeping and data service ensuring that applications remain UKIV compliant
• A 24-hour helpline is available

What can we Offer?

The management and responsibility for visa acquisition can be a daunting task for schools as it requires in-depth understanding of all aspects of the process and indeed, immigration rules and compliance requirements can be a complicated extra burden for Admissions Departments.

The rules and regulations surrounding visa application are subject to regular changes and updates. Brexit has put extra pressure on schools as the number of visa applications has increased to include EU and well as non-EU nationals, creating an increased workload and the need for greater understanding of the process and the potential pitfalls. Failure to follow appropriate procedures put schools at risk of losing not only their sponsorship status but also the international pupils that they have sponsored. Management of visa application systems can be an extra burden of responsibility as it requires an in-depth understanding of every level of the process

Why do Schools choose Connexcel?

Absolute Reassurance

By choosing to work with Connexcel, schools can feel confident that this important service is being managed by qualified and professional staff who have considerable experience in this field.  Services are bespoke and can be tailored to suit individual needs, giving institutions complete flexibility to select the services which fit their needs.

Reduction in Administration

By using a third party, schools can avoid the extra burden of increased administration and staffing costs.

Cost Benefits

As the costs for the process are passed on to the parents of the child applying for the visa, the service is self-funding.

Knowledge of the UK Education Market

We have years of relevant and successful involvement in the UK education market, putting us in a strong position to offer advice and guidance as well as reassurance to schools that the process will be effective and well-managed.

The Process Map

Read some recent case studies to see how our services have helped

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