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Helping with successful university applications

Connexcel University Application Support Programme

At Connexcel, we understand how to make a successful university application.  We have a team of highly qualified and experienced mentors and tutors who work to guide and support you through the whole process, with tailored and targeted advice at every stage of the procedure.

What do we offer?

Professional Mentors | Step-by-step planning | Full Application Support | Oxbridge Service | Medicine, Dentistry and Law Application Service

Professional Mentors

Connexcel has a professional team of university application mentors who will guide and advise you on an individual basis, so that we find the “best fit” university for you and help you to produce a winning application.

Our mentors and tutors include former Head Teachers and Examiners, many of whom have over 20 years’ experience in the UK education sector and have worked at top UK schools.

They will look at the best ways to enhance your application, including specific subject tutoring, extended reading suggestions, participation in national and regional competitions, when appropriate and advice on the preparation of extended project qualifications.

For overseas students, our tutors will support and help you to prepare for any English Language papers such as IELTS and are skilled in preparation for specific subject entrance papers.  We will be there from the initial consultation phase through to the final submission.

Step-by-Step Process

You will be guided at every stage of the process, from researching universities and courses to the interview stage. We follow a planning timeline, which starts in Years 10 or 11, and which ensures that you have the necessary time to prepare a high-quality application.

This process includes university and course research, extra academic support where necessary, and an individualised programme of suggested extra-curricular opportunities which will make your application competitive.

Full Application Support

You will be advised and assisted through the whole application process, including completing the required UCAS details and full and individualised support in how to prepare and write your Personal Statement.

You can access targeted interview preparation and guidance and you will have the opportunity to engage in mock interviews so that you feel fully prepared for the actual interview.

Oxbridge Service

Connexcel has a dedicated Oxbridge application guidance team which provides a comprehensive and personalised programme for suitable candidates.

We offer tailor-made schedules which include advice on all aspects of a successful Oxbridge application.

You will be guided through the ways in which you can build a competitive submission including participation in external competitions, the completion of independent research tasks and importantly, critical thinking and higher order thinking skills development which are crucial to a potentially successful Oxbridge application.

We have specific Oxbridge mentors, many of whom are Oxbridge graduates, who will be able to customise your interview training and help you to navigate the interview process in your specific subject area.

You will be guided through the production of a Personal Statement by experienced tutors, who will help you to craft a statement which will highlight the personal qualities and skills which will help you to stand out from the thousands of applications received by these prestigious universities.

Connexcel will also provide you with the necessary training in order to succeed in the additional entrance tests for these elite colleges, including MAT, STEP, BMAT, LNAT, TSA and UKCAT.

Medicine, Dentistry and Law Application Service

Medicine, Dentistry and Law are highly competitive courses in the UK.  An application for one of these courses requires specific and targeted planning both in terms of the selection of universities and courses and the building of a suitable profile of extra-curricular and work-related experience.

Connexcel have a nominated team of mentors and tutors who are responsible for applications to these courses and are highly skilled and experienced, able to offer the best possible guidance to prospective candidates.

This guidance will focus on the candidate’s specific skills to determine the appropriate course and universities, academic counselling, preparation of entrance examinations and crafting of the important Personal Statement.

In addition to this, you will have access to one-to-one interview practice so that you have the best possible chance to succeed in gaining a place at your chosen university.

Connexcel Support Programme Timeline

Step 1 - Years 10 and 11

  • Mentored research of universities and courses
  • Identification of target universities
  • Commence High Order Thinking Training
  • Prepare for IELTS examination
  • Start to build a competitive profile guided by mentor to include extra-curricular involvement, extended reading, preparation and competition preparation and participation
  • Activation of academic support package where necessary

Step 2 - Year 12 / I.B. Year 1

  • Make final university and course selection
  • Focus on factor required for a competitive application including, but not exclusively:
    a.EPQ project
    b. Guided reading
    c. Special research
    d. Competition preparation and performance
  • Attendance at university open days
  • Focus on attaining satisfactory IELTS score with tutor support where necessary
  • Tutor support with specific entrance examination preparation
  • Start planning and preparing Personal Statement

Step 3 - Year 13 / I.B. Year 2

October – December

  • Complete UCAS application
  • Complete entrance examinations when appropriate
  • Intensive interview preparation, mock interviews and feedback

December – February

  • Attend interviews
  • Receive offers

February – April

  • Academic support and examination preparation

May – June

  • Sit examinations


  • Examination results and university confirmation

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