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Student: Candice

Candice and her parents were making plans for her to come to the UK to study for her GCSEs or A-Levels, in preparation to go to university in the UK. Since Candice had never been away from home before, we encouraged her to join a summer camp in the UK, to get a taste of life here and to have some experience of British education and culture before applying. Candice loved her summer camp so much, that she decided to come early! She is now in the final stages of application for her school in the UK, and we could not be more thrilled that she has had such a positive experience. She will most certainly be more prepared for life at a British university with a few additional years of UK study under her belt.

Feedback: ‘I absolutely loved my summer school here, I made so many friends and loved the UK so much. As soon as I got home, I told my parents I wanted to go early and luckily, they were very supportive. I am counting down now until I can come to study in the UK! Without taking this leap to try a summer school, I would never have made this decision. A BIG thank you to Connexcel!’

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