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Chinese School: Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School
UK School: St John’s On-the-Hill

For several years we had been working with Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLP) and St John’s On-the-Hill individually. We noticed a crossover in the schools’ needs, with both looking to expand their brands within the international education market. In 2011 we proposed that the schools form a partnership to help each other meet their goals for international growth. The partnership has proved very successful, with St John’s-on-the-Hill helping WFLP establish a new curriculum for Design Technology – a subject that isn’t widely taught in China. Every year, WFLP students visit St-John’s On-the-Hill to stay, bringing cultural diversity to the school and forming strong friendships with their peers.


Yvonne Zhang – Headmaster of WLFP: ‘What makes Connexcel different from other agencies is that they provided a solution that had been truly tailored for us. The partnership between WLFP and St John’s On-the-Hill is very unique and meets both schools’ needs. The parents of my students are thrilled to support the scheme. For me, Connexcel is a trusted partner – we work together to offer real opportunities to the students’.

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