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Chinese School: Shanghai Qing Pu World Foreign Language School
UK School: Walhampton Independent Preparatory School

For several years we had been working with Shanghai Qing Pu World Foreign Language School individually and, using our knowledge of the school’s needs and with both this school and Walhampton Independent Preparatory School looking to expand their international reach, Connexcel were able to facilitate a partnership between these two excellent institutions. With Walhampton Independent Preparatory School being awarded the best grade by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and Shanghai Qing Pu World Foreign Language School being one of the very best in Shanghai, we are confident that this partnership will be beneficial to both parties. We are looking forward to seeing where this new connection will take both schools.


Jane Shen – Headteacher (Shanghai Qing Pu World Foreign Language School): ‘Connexcel have been working with our school for many years, providing support and insight into curriculum development. Connexcel understands our needs and ethos on a profound level, which is why they were able to provide such an excellent service when it came to facilitating this partnership. We are so pleased to be able to start this new journey with Walhampton Independent Preparatory School and look forward to working together to offer real opportunities to both our students.’

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