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At Connexcel, we take pride in helping students realise their dream of studying in the UK. With bespoke summer school, school placement, guardianship and online tuition services, we settle for nothing less than the very best for our students.

We are fully accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), ensuring that we employ the best practice to preserve the safety and wellbeing of our students. Connexcel are independent consultants, meaning that our school placement services are not limited to partner schools. We strongly believe that our independent status makes us best positioned to help students find a place in any school they choose across the UK.

From the admissions process through to graduation, we support students throughout their educational journey.


School Placement

To help students find their perfect school match and get the best out of a British education, we offer a complete service tailored to make your child’s placement stress-free. Our experience school placement consultants will provide guidance to you and your child throughout the application process.

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Connexcel offer a series of tuition courses that cover a variety of subjects to help overseas students adapt to education in the UK. Our tuition services provide a bridge between the UK and Chinese curriculum, allowing students to fill in any gaps in knowledge before they attend their chosen school.

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Picking the right guardianship organisation is crucial for parents seeking to get the best out of an international education for their child.That’s why we offer a bespoke Guardianship service tailored to the needs of our clients, so that parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s welfare is secured.

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School-to-School Consultancy Services

For schools looking to expand their profile in China, our expert knowledge can provide your school with solutions tailored to your needs.

Based in the UK with a deep knowledge of Chinese private education, we are uniquely positioned to assist your school in its goal to develop their brand within one of the largest international education markets in the world.

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Connexcel Summer Schools

Our Summer School programs have each been designed to help you choose the right experience for your child based upon their age and interests.

Our Summer School partners have been cherry-picked from thousands of providers to ensure that your child has an unforgettable time; and with a range of six different Summer School programs, we have something to offer for every child.

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