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Student: Coco
Entry Point: Year 7

Coco was a pupil at a very good independent school in China and was planning to come to the UK to study at independent school. However, we understand the science curriculum in Chinese primary schools to be very narrow, raising the possibility that Coco may struggle with her studies in the UK. To avoid any gaps in knowledge Coco may have, her parents used our online tuition platform to provide 1-2-1 science lessons for Coco with one of our experienced tutors. Coco has now been accepted at her chosen school and has been getting great results in her science schoolwork.


Family: The online tuition services provided by Connexcel have been very useful for Coco. The tutor Connexcel paired Coco with was excellent. Taking science lessons before studying in the UK gave her confidence and has helped Coco get into the top set for science.

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