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Experience Something New

Summer School

Connexcel Summer Schools offer your child the unique opportunity to experience culture and education at some of the very best Independent schools in the UK.

Our Summer School partners have been cherry-picked from thousands of providers to ensure that your child has an unforgettable time. Every one of our camps offer unique experiences for your child to enjoy. From the outdoor fun and excitement of our Multi-activity and Specialist camps, to the joys of gaining new knowledge in our Academic Preparation and Cambridge Programs – we have something to offer for every child!

The Right Choice

Our Summer School programs have each been designed to help you choose the perfect experience for your child based upon their age and interests. Unsure about which camp to choose? Why not contact us today and have one of our team advise you on the option that will give your child an experience they’ll never forget.

Multi-activity Camp
  • Age: 8-9, 10-12, 13-17
  • Perfect for students who want an adventure. The Multi-Activity summer camp provides students with the opportunity to improve their English skills and make friends with peers from around the world.
Specialist Activity Camp
  • Age: 8-12, 13-17
  • For students who want to pursue specific interests and passions, our Specialist Activity camp offers the chance to engage in activities ranging from media production to forest survival, from stage performance to British sports.
British School Sports and Activity Camp
  • Age: 9-12, 13-17
  • Combining classroom learning, sports and extra-curricular activities, the British School Sports and Activity camp allows students to gain insight into what life is like within a UK independent school.
Academic Preparation
  • Age: 7-12, 13-17
  • Considering whether your child should study in the UK? Then our Academic Preparation camp can help you decide. With high-quality courses in English, maths, science, design technology and drama at both GCSE and IB/A Level, the Academic Preparation camp will present child with an experience of elite British private education.
Cambridge Program
  • Age: 13-18
  • An ideal opportunity for students looking to pursue a University education within the UK. Our Cambridge program, hosted in the University of Cambridge’s historic Queens’ College building, helps students to enhance their university applications through activities and courses designed to develop their personal skills.
Top University Preparation
  • Age: 15-18
  • Our Top University Preparation program is best suited to students with academic excellence, strong English communication skills and the desire to study in the world’s highest-ranking universities.

Some Facts

100% of parents whose children joined one of Connexcel’s Summer Schools would recommend us to their friends.

Over 40% of our previous Summer School students have returned to one of our camps or programs the following year.

Our Summer Schools are fully accredited by OFSTED.

70% of our Summer School students choose to come to study in the UK.


“The top university preparation was very helpful for me. I learned a lot in the two
weeks I spent at the summer school. Every day was full of new information, from how to write personal statement to preparation for an Oxbridge interview, all these were of great benefit to my successful application to study at Cambridge. Without going to Connexcel’s Top University Preparation camp, I am positive I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal to study Cambridge.”

– Jenny, accepted to study Bioengineering at Cambridge in 2017.

“We wanted our daughter to have an open mind and experience the world and its different cultures.  Connexcel’s summer school provided a great opportunity for her to meet people from different backgrounds and to challenge herself. After she came back from the summer school, I could see a really positive change in her. She enjoyed the youth MBA and debating courses on offer at the summer school. We are very grateful for the professionalism Connexcel showed in organising the summer school and opportunities it offered our daughter.”

– Mother to Frankie, a student who visited Connexcel’s summer camp in 2016.

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