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A Case Study of “A Journey to a Better Education”: Freda

We received some more fantastic news at Connexcel last week.  Unexpectedly, one of our older students notified us that she had received a music scholarship from Queen Mary University London where she is currently studying Mathematics with Actuarial Sciences.  We do enjoy hearing from our students to see how they are progressing, even after we finish working directly with them.  It simply reminds us of why we do what we do!  As Freda’s story epitomises our motto of “a journey to a better education”, we thought we should share her story of success in a UK boarding school.

Freda’s journey started with us when her family asked for our help in finding the right UK boarding school for their talented daughter.  We were told that she was struggling with the pressure put on the shoulders of an extremely gifted young student in Shanghai and, consequently, she was falling out of love with education and her drive to learn was beginning to wane.  After a successful application to King’s School Bruton, Freda joined the school as a Year 9 student five years ago.

We continued working with Freda, acting as her educational guardian whilst she completed her GCSEs and A-levels at the school.  This allowed us to watch, first-hand, as she began to flourish as she settled into her new educational life at a UK boarding school.  The teaching style at King’s Bruton suited Freda perfectly and she soon regained her love for learning and drive to succeed academically.

After two years at King’s Bruton, Freda had settled in so well that she managed to achieve an All Round scholarship at the school for the following years; an award that is only attainable by hard work in a student’s studies and showing dedication to the school by participating fully in curricular and co-curricular activities wherever possible.  Freda’s outstanding achievements throughout her school life made her a prime candidate for this scholarship.

Freda has always had a passion for Mathematics.  Even as a young girl in Shanghai it was obvious that Freda had a talent for numeracy.  Whilst at King’s Bruton she was asked to compete (on several occasions) in Maths Challenges.  She would continue to showcase her exceptional ability by performing terrifically well in all these challenges.  She loved solving numerical problems and the opportunity to participate in these events fed her love of mathematics; so much so, that she would choose to pursue a degree in the subject at university.

Another of Freda’s passions is music and she has always had an exceptional singing voice.  As soon as she could, Freda joined the school choir and performed many times, as a representative of the school.  Eventually, her talents and commitment to music have been rewarded with a scholarship from Queen Mary University of London.

Freda is a shining example of how a student can thrive in a UK boarding school; a great illustration of how a student can develop their full potential by being taught in the manner suited to them at a school which meets their specific needs.  Most of all, it is testament to the results of dedication and commitment.

Freda has said on many occasions that she feels lucky to have been able to study in the UK and has enjoyed every step of her journey so far.  We are so proud of Freda and wish her success in the future. We are certain she will continue to receive outstanding achievements as she progresses through her university life at Queen Mary University London.

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