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Travelling to China: Connexcel Continues to Help Students Return Home

Connexcel is continuing to send children back home to China to see their parents for the first time in months.  For all international students, the pandemic has made it difficult to travel between their home nations and the country in which they are studying. However, with China’s strict travel restrictions, Chinese students have struggled more than others in their efforts to return home and continue their education efficiently.  As a result, many students have opted to stay in the UK, at their UK Boarding Schools, for months without travelling back home.

Because of this, Connexcel has felt it vitally important that we do all we can to get our students home for the summer holidays this year.  We are slowly getting through our list of guardianship students and sending children home via other European airports such as Paris Charles de Gaulle in France, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, Frankfurt Airport in Germany and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

With international travel becoming ever more complicated with all the new COVID measures in place, such as the need for PCR tests, QR codes, etc. our guardianship team are doing a fantastic job easing the stress out of the situation for the travelling students. The team are booking all required PCR tests, taxis, accompanying students to airports, if required, and even providing guides to students to help them navigate airports they may not be familiar with.  Understandably, the students, parents and schools are all appreciating the extra work our guardianship team is putting in.

We still have a few students left but we are confident that we will get all our students back home for a long-awaited and much-needed rendezvous with their families.

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