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Travelling to China: Connexcel Helps Students Navigate Airports

As most are aware, there are currently no direct flights to mainland China.  As direct flights will not be resumed before July (and there is still uncertainty as to whether these will be resumed after July), the main options to travel back to China are to go via Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Frankfurt or Zurich.

Since all boarding school pupils need to go back home this summer, we have already begun helping our students to plan their journeys.

The extra COVID regulations requested by each airport is hugely complicated.  Understandably, this could be a daunting task for anyone; especially for a student travelling alone.  As a result, we, as an AEGIS and BSA-accredited guardianship agency, have developed step-by-step transit guides covering all testing procedures and location maps for each of the above airports to make our students’ journeys easier.

Prior to travel, students receive a guide on what will be required for the day of travel, including all the new COVID-related documentation, and where they can acquire this.  They will also receive a step-by-step guide for the specific airport they will be travelling through. This will inform them about what they will need to do on arrival.  Maps are used to show key locations for the students and the steps concisely explain where to go and when.

These guides are helping students to efficiently navigate airports and remove any stresses they may have before travelling.  If anybody would like a copy of a guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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