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Parents Appreciate Connexcel’s Extra Work during Lockdown

As many will know, lockdown has been a testing time for everybody required to go through it.  However, some could argue that overseas boarders at UK independent schools have experienced the most upheaval to their educational and everyday life.

Many of our guardianship students from mainland China have not been able to return home for months.  To try and control the pandemic within the country, China has set up some of the world’s most formidable barriers to entry and, if you manage get a flight into the country, as quarantining regulations make it impractical for short term trips back home in the holidays, many overseas students have opted to stay in the UK to continue their studies.

From the other side of the globe, many parents find it extremely difficult to help organise everything their children may need while they are studying in the UK; this is where guardianship agencies, such as Connexcel, come into play to help organise and provide for students.  This can be very challenging (even in pre-COVID times) however, when you consider all the other regulations and restrictions that a pandemic throw into the mix, suddenly, reasonably simple tasks can become a major undertaking, requiring a lot of planning.

Recently, we have been receiving much appreciation from parents for the extra time, care and professionalism Connexcel have put in while looking after our guardianship students currently studying in the UK. Understandably, parents can become extremely concerned about their children staying in a foreign country during a global pandemic and their concerns can be heightened when their child requires something urgently.  However, by carrying out tasks as efficiently as possible, and keeping parents informed at every step, we have found that parents are reassured, their stress is relieved and their trust in our service is boosted.  Parents now understand that, if there is anything we can do to help make their children’s life easier, Connexcel will endeavour to do what is required.

We welcome the easing of lockdown and the reintroduction of our normal routines as soon as possible yet we also understand the importance of doing this extremely safely with great caution.  However long it will take for our lives to revert to a new normal, with over a year of helping and fulfilling our guardianship students’ needs (throughout all the coronavirus restrictions) and all the praise we have received for doing so in such a professional manner, we at Connexcel are confident that we can overcome any obstacles may develop in the future and continue provide an exceptional service for our students.

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