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China Tier 4 Visa Update

Since the re-opening of the UK Visa Centres in China, applications are being processed but at a reduced rate than before the pandemic. Our students have been granted visas within a 2–3 week window and we have some useful advice for parents and schools in relation to the process:

Plan ahead: Although centres are open and processing applications, there has been a reduction in the daily number awarded (e.g. the Shanghai centre has been issuing only 60 visas per day) although today, the Express Visa Service will re-commence and the numbers of visas awarded each day will increase further.

Please be aware that you may be required to attend the centre in relation to the provision of a quarantine address in the UK. This is not a compulsory part of the process yet centres appear to be spot-checking. A letter from your school or guardianship agency providing proof of quarantine provision is useful in this event.

Connexcel is delighted that the majority of their partner schools have decided to offer quarantine on site and where this is not possible, Host Family provision has been arranged.

To note: September is a peak time for Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate visa applications so plan ahead!

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